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Being a great place for pets goes beyond whether or not you physically allow pets in the office. Our community explores all the ways to become more pet friendly.

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We are a coalition of compassionate leaders who believe that the power of the human-animal bond is great for business. Together, we celebrate and explore the ways pets make us better employees, leaders, and businesses. Presented by WUF (With U Forever), a lifestyle brand dedicated to uniting communities through dogs, and powered by Nationwide Pet Insurance, the nation’s leading provider of corporate pet insurance benefits, Best Pet Workplaces showcases how pets provide physical, mental, and fiscal benefits for employees at every level and across every industry. Join us throughout the year for educational talks, inspiring content, and groundbreaking summits as we usher in a new era of bringing together human and pet resources.

Companies That Have Joined the Movement

Why Pets Belong in the Workplace

95% of pet parents say that having a pet has made a positive impact on their lives.

68% of Millennial and Gen Z pet parents say owning a pet makes them feel like part of a community.

Pet parents are two times more likely to say they’re “very healthy” vs. non-pet parents.

81% of employees at companies that offer pet insurance say the company offers good work-life balance.

BPW Resources

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Workplace Wellness

As research expands our knowledge on the health benefits of pets, society is becoming more and more pet friendly.

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